Preparing Your Backyard for Summer

As spring gives way to summer, outdoor barbeques, pool parties, and evenings on the patio are looming large. Is your backyard ready for prime time? With the mercury rising and the grass growing out of control, it’s time for you to get your yard game on-point. Read on for some useful pointers on preparing your backyard for summer.

Get an Ornamental Glow-Up

Take a long, hard look at your landscape. If you have any planters or beds whose plants look scrappy, sad, or lifeless, it’s time to replace them with new vibrant varieties. Find some ornamentals that offer fresh color and texture and get out with the old, in with the new. Native flowers like dalea, formosa, engelmann daisy, and coreopsis will add a pop of color without needing much maintenance or water. Prune back any roses or shrubs with old, weak growth, and remove any loose branches from your trees.

Shave and a Haircut

Once your ornamental landscape is looking fresh, your lawn is going to be in sharper focus. Get on a maintenance schedule to get your turf looking its best and staying that way. Over ninety percent of San Antonians choose to have their lawns mowed every other week. While you’re at it, get your lawn watering schedule right. Make sure that your irrigation system is in good repair and is programmed appropriately for the hot, dry days to come.

Fill ‘er Up!

If your lawn is looking a little bare in patches, take the time to reseed, resod, and aerate to get everything back on track. Aeration will help your lawn “breathe,” while a little resod or reseed job will help to fill up any areas where the turf has worn thin.

Clean up Your Act

Now is the perfect time to clear any clutter out of your yard. That means tired lawn ornaments, broken landscape lighting, and any outdoor furniture that has seen better days needs to go. Powerwash your hardscapes so that all your paths and patios glisten. Give the barbeque pit a deep-clean while you’re at it. Remove any leaves and other plant debris from your yard and beds, and mulch all your landscape beds for a crisp, clean look.

Keep out Uninvited Pests


Nothing ruins a good party faster than a bunch of creepy crawling creatures turning up uninvited. Make sure there are no sources of standing water in or around your yard attracting mosquitoes. Consider planting some marigolds, citronella or lemon balm in large pots and place them around your patio. These plants are natural mosquito repellants. If you have a wood pile stashed for an indoor or outdoor fireplace, make sure it is undercover and keep it far from social areas. Wood piles are an absolute haven for palmetto bugs, the most unwelcome guest of all. Treat any ant mounds in your yard a couple of times to make sure they get out and stay out. Keep food scraps and waste bagged and binned to prevent attracting ants and other unsavory pests.

Regardless of whether your yard needs some serious TLC, or just a little sprucing up, the sooner you get on it, the sooner you can get down in it. So, stop wasting time and start preparing your backyard for summer.


Author Spotlight:

Emma Bishop is a lifestyle and design writer, and mother of two beautiful girls. She is a social butterfly and loves to entertain guests at home with beautifully decorated spaces for any occasion.