Laundry List of 2019 Trends

With the boom of Pinterest and home inspiration always just a click away, people are more motivated than ever to make both functional and beautiful living spaces. This hype has even spilled over to the room previously associated with the most mundane of household chores, the laundry room.

A quick internet search will reveal an endless display of photo worthy rooms that make anyone want to tackle a pile of dirty clothes on the spot. Let’s talk about inspiration to design your custom laundry room or give your current one a makeover.

One of the boldest trends is the pop of black and white tiles. Whether you choose small tiling for a retro vibe or bold floral, this unique flooring is sure to make a statement. Although speciality tiles can add up quickly, the small nature of most laundry rooms allows you to incorporate this trend into your home without breaking the bank.

And speaking of ways to decorate your walls, wall paper is no longer synonymous with aggressive floral prints at grandma’s. Instead we have seen creative geometric prints that transform these small spaces.

Another impactful pop comes from the color chosen for your cabinetry. While white cabinetry can help brighten up a room without natural light, many newly built laundry rooms with lots of natural light often have cool paint tones ranging from light blues and grays to deep midnight.

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These spaces have also been transformed by additional functionality. Many new additions include a shelf lining the top of the washer and dryer for ease of storage and folding. Newer homes also capitalize on square footage by creating mudroom and laundry room combos. This not only opens up the space for less of a cramped feeling common in older homes, but also aids in keeping the home clutter free by creating a single room to deposit clothes and everyday goods.

Lastly, for the avid dog lover, the laundry room has become a spa spot for the most spoiled of pups as more homeowners have taken advantage of the space to create a dog washing station. This keeps both puppy and human messes contained in the same corner of the house.

What do you think, ready to update and look forward to doing laundry?


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