The Perfect Porch

As the weather gets cooler, outdoor entertaining in the great state of Texas has once again become a possibility. With football season in full swing, allowing company to venture outside can ease the stress of hosting. But this shift poses the question, what makes up the ideal outdoor entertaining set-up?

We’re glad you asked. First and foremost, a home trend we have loved incorporating is a sleek set of sliding glass doors leading to the back patio. In addition to providing a generous amount of natural light, these doors allow the Hill Country scenery to be enjoyed from inside the  comfort of your home. As the weather cools and company comes over, these doors can be slid all the way back to provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor entertaining. Perfect for larger gatherings, these doors offer a chic solution to any overflow problem.

Another custom addition for entertaining would be a built-in grill. This can be easily expanded to provide additional prep room, an outdoor sink for convenience and cleanliness, or even a mini fridge. The best part of this trend is the cohesion it provides any outdoor space. Rather than a series of grilling accessories cluttering your patio, a built-in set up can provide a stylish tie in to the rest of your home exterior by using the same materials and color scheme as the exterior of your home.

With the open feeling of the outdoors, it is important to cultivate a seating area that invites people to gather. An outdoor living set can provide the perfect place for this kind of connection. While traditional outdoor furniture invites mental imagery of too much wicker, the market is full of modern options tough enough to weather the elements. Sleek seating can add a pop of color to a neutral color palette. Another seating option as traditional as the south itself: the hanging porch swing. While this memorable seating option will always be relevant, woven hanging chairs offer a modern take and an eye catching focal point.

Given the intense heat of our great state, the best time for outdoor entertaining can often happen after the sun has started setting. Both fire pits and outdoor lighting offer creative solutions to fading natural light. Vintage strings of Edison bulbs draped between pillars offer soft lighting for these spaces and Pinterest is proof that bold statement lighting does not have to be limited to just inside your home. Outdoor chandeliers and pendant lighting can center your entertaining place and offer style and functionality.

What do you think? We are ready to make a pitcher of sweet tea and invite the neighborhood!