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A Look into 2021 Home Trends

With the extra time pent up at home, new home trends are taking on greater importance. With January just around the corner, let’s dive into some of 2021’s upcoming trends to incorporate into your home.

While we are stuck inside, many people are continuing to bring elements of the outdoors into the home. Modern homes feature large windows and glass doorways to allow optimum natural light and outdoor views. Windows left uncovered in common areas can feel modern, but for windows in need of more privacy we are expecting to see more of this woven blind and light curtain combo. Not only does this combo offer texture, warmth and brightness, but it’s functional for privacy and the mornings where room darkening shades are a must.

Keeping with a natural theme, organic materials such as rattan and dried pampas grass bring natural texture and warmth into a space. With a similar color palette, unfinished wood will continue to grow in use throughout the home. We love the look of this round coffee table boasting a modern design in a trendy unfinished wood.


Our best guess is that Pinterst in 2021 will continue to be filled with articles on finding the exact right shade of white as people seek to create bright and soft spaces. We expect soft whites to be balanced with muted shades of olive, mauve, and tan.

While we still expect to see a lot of whitewashed spaces, 2021 will likely see white rooms including more unfinished wood accents in cabinetry, furniture, shelves and more. This pairing keeps spaces light while still adding the natural texture, warmth and color that makes white spaces feel more interesting to the human eye.

While floating shelves have been a kitchen trend, we are expecting to see this same minimal design applied to other aspects of the home. This minimal shelving will replace some of the usual cabinetry below kitchen islands and pop up in more built in shelving units. While an open design can create the extra work of keeping everything neat, it has the added benefit of displaying kitchen items and collectables, allowing easier inventory of such items. You can capitalize on multiple trends by building these shelves out in unfinished wood for additional character.

This paint trend will take over more rooms in 2021. A fairly quick DIY, people are painting arches to frame furniture pieces into eye catching statements. This can be done as a faux headboard, behind a dresser, surrounding a tv or more. This is the perfect way to add some white to brighten a room or incorporate muted greens, tans, or terracotta tones. This shape isn’t limited to a paint job and will be seen in more mirrors and framed wall art in the upcoming year.

One of my favorite growing trends is the eclectic mix of modern style with vintage or heirloom pieces. As we continue to update spaces, we run the risk of losing the character that is accumulated with time. Adding in the occasional reclaimed wood surface, family heirloom piece, or thrifted treasure can add interest and a story.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into some of 2021’s upcoming home trends and found a few to include in your space.