Meet Superintendent, Jimmy Edmondson!

Jimmy Edmondson is our newest superintendent here at Stone Creek Custom Homes, and we’re happy to have him! He started in early 2015, and his extensive and diverse background makes him a huge asset to the team.

Although Jimmy’s not a fan of interviews, once we got him talking, we found out a lot of interesting things about him, including he’s a licensed pilot. Born and raised in San Antonio, he’s married to his best friend, and they just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Jimmy:  My wife and I cook in barbecue competitions all over. She has one grand championship and five or six reserves. I think I have six grand championships.

Jimmy explains how Texas barbecue is different than the Kansas City-style barbecue that you often see on TV, which typically comes with some kind of slaw and is slathered in barbecue sauce.

Jimmy:  In Texas, it’s very specific – chicken, pork spare ribs and brisket, and nothing but a piece of foil in the bottom of the box. We don’t pour sauce over it – it’s not a sauce contest, it’s a meat contest.

One of their favorite competitions takes place every September in Schertz. They’ve been competing in this SchertzFest Cook-off since it started in 2009.

Jimmy:  We enjoy it. I always tell people – there are guys who hunt, that can’t wait to go down to the lease, but for me it’s this. My wife and I like to do stuff together. We’re very rarely apart.

When it comes to work, Jimmy’s background includes a long list. He started out in the phone business, back when cell phones came with cords, but eventually went into business for himself. As he’s always had a knack for putting things together, the construction industry was a natural fit for him.  He’s worked in both commercial and residential construction in various capacities, although he’s not fond of work that keeps him indoors.

Jimmy:  I can’t stand being in an office, sitting at a desk but on every job I’ve done, I learned something new that makes me better. I’m always learning and growing. If I wasn’t, I’d get really bored.

His work as Superintendent for Stone Creek requires him to travel a lot, but he enjoys the freedom and flexibility. He’s on the road, moving from project to project, from Dripping Springs to Marble Falls, and he’s definitely enjoying applying his skills.

Jimmy: I was excited to make the transition to Stone Creek. They’re all really nice, good people. I’m naturally a pessimist, so I’m always looking for what’s going to go wrong, which is an asset on the job – proactive instead of reactive. I see problems before they become problems.

We won’t say he’s psychic or anything, but Jimmy’s talent for solving problems is close to supernatural! You’ll get a chance to find out for yourself – just give us a call at 210-494-5400, and we’ll get started on your dream home. If you’d like to be added to our private email list to receive the newsletter, you can sign up here.