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The Most Amazing Watering Holes in Texas

Bandera Park

We may have had a little respite from the heat recently, but we’ve still got a few more months before it really cools down, which means finding the coolest watering hole is the only way to stay sane. Here are some places to explore:

Krause Springs:  Located in Spicewood just west of Austin is one of the most incredible swimming holes in the state. With a lovely waterfall grotto and a rope swing for a fabulous cliff jump, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon picnic.

Blue Hole in Wimberley:  Located in Blue Hole Regional Park, this refreshing swimming hole is stunning and shaded by towering cypress trees. The ecosystem here is considered an historic site.

Tube Chute in New Braunfels: The City Tube Chute is a unique water slide carved into the side of the City’s dam on the Comal River. It diverts tubers around the dam as they float the river and is a fun way to keep cool in the summer!

Blue Hole in Georgetown: This picturesque lagoon is bordered by limestone bluffs along the South Fork of the San Gabriel River, just five blocks north of the downtown Square.

Twin Falls on Barton Creek: Barton Creek is a great place to explore a plethora of creeks, falls and trails. The falls fluctuate throughout the seasons and there is a bit of a hike involved, but it’s still a wonderful place to bring the whole family.

Bull Creek in Austin: You can find a bunch of superb swimming holes along this trail that eventually lets out at Lakewood and 360, just northwest of the dog park. This is a nice place for active couples and friends.

Sculpture Falls on Barton Creek: This secluded little swimming hole is clear with cool water, even during the summer. On top of that, it’s dog-friendly.

Devil’s Watering Hole at Inks Lake:  Head to Inks Lake State Park for a fantastic family weekend getaway on the Colorado River. Explore the stunning waterfalls upstream of the lake when Valley Spring Creek is running.

The Slab in Llano: Essentially an easily-accessible stretch of the Llano, this watering hole has a lot of rugged granite and chutes to laze around in, even during a drought.

Bandera City Park: This scenic park area along the tree-lined, aqua-colored Medina river is a family’s paradise. The cool water flows very slowly and is perfect for swimming, tubing or kayaking.

McKinney Falls: Not far from Austin, you’ll be surprised by the abundance of trees and wildlife at this watering hole. Don’t be surprised to see deer, armadillos and perhaps even a coyote. The falls aren’t big – only about 10 feet tall, but it’s still a beautiful place to go swimming. You’ll find an early Texas homestead here as well as an old rock shelter.

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