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Bathroom Fixture Bliss


Sometimes the bathroom is the only place in the house where you can find some peace and quiet so it might as well be a beautiful space to relax. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, they may only be a small aspect of either a guest bathroom or master bathroom, but an important one nonetheless.

Although bathroom fixture choices are endless, you first need to consider your long-term intentions for the house. If this is your dream home, and we hope it is, then you should choose fixtures that not only reflect your style, but are durable and timeless with cutting-edge functionality.


First thing’s first, you need to choose a finish – whether it be gleaming gold or silver, brushed nickel or ebony. According to Houzz.com, metals with matte or satin finishes will be especially popular this year. Brushed stainless steel or brass faucets are overshadowing more traditional bright polished fixtures. With metal being a popular aesthetic of interior design for the past few years, you can use your fixtures to create a theme for your bathrooms.

Another look growing in popularity are white fixtures that showcase a clean, fresh look. When set against a vibrant backsplash, it’s guaranteed to make its own splash!

Shower Heads

If you’re having a custom home built from the ground up, one of the areas you will want to splurge on is the shower. When it comes to shower fixtures, the only way to bath vertically is with multiple shower heads. Many showers are being built with an oversized rain shower head above as well as shower heads along the wall, so that you can enjoy the ultimate shower experience. While it won’t save on your water bill, it’s definitely worth it. 

One of the latest trends in shower fixtures includes not only the rain shower head above but a separate hand-held showerhead that enables a more customizable shower.


While there are too many great brands to recommend, the majority of high end modern brands are more water efficient and come with features like integrated ceramic disks that diminish leak-causing build-up. Brands like Delta Vero, ROHL, and Maestrobath offer gorgeous sleek designs that will have you coveting your faucets more than your favorite piece of jewelry. When considering which type of faucet to go with, make sure to consider how easy it will be to keep clean.

Deciding on the best fixtures for your new home is just one of the many exciting choices you get to make with us. Feel free to call one of our consultants anytime at 210-494-5400 or stop by our model home to find some inspiration. To be added to our private email list to receive our newsletter, please sign up here.



Ideal Colors for Your Home’s Walls


One of the best things about working with a custom home builder like Stone Creek Custom Homes is that you get to choose everything yourself (with our help of course!), from design to ceilings, floors, appliances, on down to the colors in each room.

Most tract home builders simply splash a shade of white on the walls and call it good, but we think your wall colors should be given much more attention than that. Sure, they exist primarily in the background, but you’d be surprised how much the colors in your kitchen, bedroom, living room and even bathroom influence your mood and behavior.

The Psychology of Color

Color has meaning to each of us – as individuals, cultures and species. Marketing companies use the psychology of color to influence us through advertising, and you can bet if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t bother. Still, many people overlook the significance of color in the space where they spend a majority of their time – in their own homes.

Here’s a breakdown of what different colors mean to us psychologically and where you might consider using them in your house:

White:  Neutrality, cleanliness, purity and safety. White can certainly work nicely in both bathrooms and kitchens, particularly with an accent wall of a brighter color.

Gray:  Solid, practical, timeless. Silver is an off-shoot of gray and represents a strong character. Gray can be used in an office space nicely or a masculine bedroom.

Red:  Energy, excitement, attention-getting. In homes, red is not a good color for an entire wall, but can be used in small doses – a splash of color. Interestingly, pink is the most calming color and therefore is great for children’s rooms.

Blue:  Calm, dependable, wisdom, loyalty. A majority of people claim blue to be their favorite color, which makes sense since much of our world is blue. Blue is actually ideal for a bedroom because it encourages restfulness. Some studies are showing that it’s also a great color for a work-out room as it helps you focus.

Green:  Growth, nature, money, good luck and generosity. A dark forest green is related to wealth and masculinity. Depending on the shade, green can be beautiful in a living room or even an office space.

Yellow:  Cheerful, happiness, optimism. Babies cry more in yellow rooms so it’s not a good idea for them. However, it does have the power to speed up metabolism, so it can be perfect for a kitchen.

Orange:  Warmth, Energy, Fun.  If used tastefully, orange can be a great color for a game or play room, or potentially even used as an accent color in the dining room.

Purple:  Wealth, prosperity, mystery, sophistication. Purple is not a color often used traditionally in the home, however, there are now some beautiful shades of purple that can really be used to enhance any room in your house. Remember, that purple is the color of Kings and Queens!

In a future blog, we’ll explore more tips for picking out specific paint colors, but for now, hopefully this will spark some interest and discussion. When you’re ready to put that paint on the wall, call us at 210-494-5400.




2015 Home Trends – Hot or Not?

If you’re going to put time and money into building a new home, you might as well make sure it’s everything you want it to be. Here are some fun new trends designers are anticipating for 2015. Read on to see if any of them spark your imagination!


According to Zillow, mid-century modern elements in architecture as well as furniture is one of the biggest up-and-coming home design trends for 2015. However, keep in mind that trends such as these should serve as inspiration, but should not be overdone!


Everyone’s talking about colors, but what colors are hottest is up for discussion.  According to Sherwin-Williams, people are opting for brighter colors now that we’re out of a recession.  Check out their Coral Reef, color #6606, which they’re saying reflects America’s new optimism for the future.

Pinterest seems to support this idea, as a majority of the color trends for spring on display are certainly bright, bubbly and even traditional Easter holiday colors.

Conde Nast Traveler would have you believe that ochre is the “it” color of the moment. Inspired by recent fashion trends, ochre is transitioning into home design, where it makes a dramatic impact when paired with rich, velvet jewel tones.

Remodelista’s pick for interior wall color of the year is a gorgeous yet humble pale, dusty pink called “Pink Ground” from Farrow & Ball. It pairs especially well with black or grey furniture.


An organic look for appliances is a continuing trend. Buttons on dishwashers are being gracefully hidden; refrigerators and ovens are made to blend into the kitchen’s décor, so that sometimes they’re even hard to find! Take a look at the Zen Oven by Amica, which has a crisp white façade with a simple wood handle and two black buttons –  the perfect accent to a minimalist kitchen.

Marble backsplashes are being used to create an exotic look and accent piece in any kitchen, while jewel-toned tiles in fun shapes are a stylish option for master baths or even guest baths and go great with vintage tubs.


Surprisingly, in a country obsessed with getting online, libraries filled with old-fashioned books (made with paper!) are back in style. According to Details.com, libraries with actual books are making a comeback. Maybe it has something to do with the popularity of Downton Abbey, or perhaps people are simply nostalgic for the old days. Even VCR’s are coming back!

Stone Creek Custom Homes, along with our interior designers, can help you make all of these important decisions. Call us today at 210-494-5400 for a complementary consultation!