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Easy DIY Tips for Remodeling Your House

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If you’re not quite ready to get into a new custom home built specifically for your needs and lifestyle, here are some simple DIY remodeling ideas that will help make your old home feel new again.

Make a Good First Impression

Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious, such as the front entrance of our home, but a warm, inviting or eye-catching front door color can make a huge difference and is easy to re-paint whatever hue catches your fancy. You might also consider upgrading the door entirely, depending upon the overall aesthetic of your house. Outdoor lighting, some potted plants and new hardware can also help dramatically change the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Wood Pallets to Palaces

One of the biggest DIY trends right now is repurposing old wood pallets for just about anything, from furniture to artwork, outdoor patios to wood paneling. Wood medium produces low thermal conductivity, which means it’s perfect for insulating room interiors. By adding a fun, funky texture, you can transform any room in your house.

Indoor / Outdoor Day Bed

If you have some unused space on your patio or in a corner of your home, why not create a relaxing little nook to read or catnap on? You can easily build a frame of approximately 18 inches tall and then find a mattress to fit (or build your own with foam), and then cover with some pretty fabric and top with comfy pillows and voila – you have a daybed everyone will want to daydream on.

Elegant Storage

Make the most of your space and enhance the look of your home by using kits for bookcases and shelving to create built-in storage that you can easily assemble yourself. Use an open shelving/cabinet combination as a display space to showcase those special valuables you want to highlight. If you have a second story, consider building shelves, storage or even a whimsical custom wine rack under the staircase.

Bathroom Bliss

If you don’t have room to install a steam bath, you can instead install an S-shaped seat that transforms your walk-in shower into a steam room you can lie down in and relax while sweating out all those toxins!

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Lighting the Way in Your New Custom-Built Home

Many people don’t realize just how important lighting is to achieving the desired look or feel you want in your new custom home. Lighting isn’t just an art, it’s also a science. The right lighting can dramatically enhance the space – make it look larger, softer, grander, warmer, cooler, the list goes on. Architectural elements and art pieces should also receive precise lighting design consideration in order to gracefully showcase the unique aspects of your home that make it special.

Natural & Artificial Light

Finding a harmonious balance between natural and artificial light is key to feeling at home in your new house. Natural light and the way it moves through your home is a crucial consideration.  For example, how the sun moves along the horizon from sunrise to sunset and how it affects the interior as well as the exterior of your house, helps us to make decisions, such as orientation and design.

In the evening hours, artificial lighting must replace the natural daylight and enhance your space, not diminish it, using either subtle or dazzling methods. Understanding the intent of the lighting and décor such as how the space is to be used and what, if any, decorative pieces should be emphasized, determines exactly where fixtures should be located and what type of fixtures are best.

Our Lighting Experts

We work with Turney Lighting & Electric – who is quite literally a one-stop source for all lighting, fans and home accents. When the time comes to decide on lighting fixtures, we send you straight to the experts, along with the house plan and lighting budget. Turney has a beautiful showroom in San Antonio and Boerne where you can explore a variety of options. They help guide you in the right direction, based on whatever theme or style you want throughout your new home.

Illuminating Trends

The U.S. Lighting fixture industry generates over 22 billion dollars a year and is estimated to rise 7.7% annually to 32.5 billion in 2018. Surprisingly, there are a lot of factors that influence the market, including things like environmental factors.

Lighting fixtures themselves are becoming showpieces in modern homes. Gone are the days of bright white kitchens and garish lighting. Directional sconce lighting is coming back into fashion. Depending upon the style of your new kitchen, you can go for a minimalist monochrome design or traditional brass fixtures, for example, that look exceptional in a room with natural tones.

Go Green

Following LEED energy-saving practices is becoming more and more common as energy costs continue to rise. CPS Energy has indicated that energy bills will increase approximately 4% in 2015, therefore saving energy wherever and whenever we can is always at the top of the priority list.

Lighting controls are a fantastic and easy way to save money. Not only do they dramatically extend the life of bulbs, but they use less electricity. As opposed to standard light switches that only save money when “off,” dimmers and controls save on energy around-the-clock!

For more information on illuminating your new custom home, call us today at 210-494-5400 or visit our website!