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Fall Inspirations for Your Home

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As the seasons change, so do we cycle through trends and what’s “in fashion,” – more quickly, it seems, than ever before. When it comes to home design, from wall colors to appliances, it’s not as easy or financially realistic as changing out your ties and shoes. Still, there’s something to be said about these fall inspirations… see if any of them stick. Most importantly, however, is that you love it, whether it’s trendy or not!

Create a Tech-Free Zone

Have an unused room or corner space? You can easily create a haven from all the digital madness by creating a cozy nook. All you need is a comfy chair or hammock, some pretty pillows and lacey curtains hung from a faux wooden beam. Add a small bookcase filled with those vintage items (yes, books!), a cool lamp and piece of artwork, and you have yourself a little getaway. Leave your phones at the door.

White is Out; Color is In

Although white will always be a great accent color, all-white, or gray, interiors are fading into the background. This fall, expect to see rich browns, greens, blush and even black. Dark green (we used to call it Hunter Green), is being noted as a popular color choice by trendsetters. When accented with natural wood, leather or brass, it makes for a striking look. Jewel tones, used as accent colors in things like pillows, are also hot right now.

Past & Present

It’s fair to say the future of home décor is eclectic. With so many different eras to choose from, the desire to furnish a home in the same period is considered aesthetically unimaginative, and just isn’t done anymore, according to housebeautiful.com. Instead, people are filling their homes with a mix of old and new – vintage, retro, and modern. The sky’s the limit! They suggest starting with a favorite period of your choice and then working from there. Find yourself a gorgeous vintage armoire, for example, and pair it with a custom-made bed. You can find a handful of very talented woodworkers and metal artists in Texas. Here’s a local metal artist that stands out:  http://www.schroederart.com.

Smart Furniture

While we’re looking for ways to disengage from technology, designers are finding new ways to incorporate it. Keep an eye out for even more clever charging docks – ones that are actually built into the furniture, so you don’t have to have those clunky eyesores in every room. Check out IKEA’s SELJE nightstand, as one “smart” example.

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Lucha, a New Art Gallery Opens in SA

Jorge with guest at Lucha

Jorge with guest at Lucha

San Antonian, Jorge Rubalcava, left for several years to live in New York City to participate in one of the leading fashion and art cities in the world. He worked and traveled for Nordstrom, and lived a metropolitan lifestyle that those of us in Texas typically only experience through TV and movies.

When Jorge returned last year to San Antonio in order to be closer to his family, he knew he wanted to play a role in the art and fashion scene here, but had been out of touch for so many years. He decided to open up a new art gallery called Lucha, which put on its first show last month.

“My thought was ‘how cool would it be to use the space as an art gallery that was a platform for emerging local artists,’” explained Jorge.

He plans to use the space to support artists of all kinds, from young to established, as well as a wide variety of artwork, including small sculpture, paintings, drawings and photography. Knowing Jorge, you can expect the artwork to be a bit avant garde, but perfect for those looking for unique artwork to adorn their homes.

Jorge also plans on featuring performance artists, jewelry-makers and more. In the long run he’d like to showcase fashion presentations and designers that inspire him. “There are a lot of designers that have beautiful work but no outlet. I’d like to show San Antonio fashion they’ve never seen before,” said Jorge.

According to Jorge, the name of the gallery is an homage to his great grandmother, whose front doors from her home in Mexico are now part of the gallery’s décor. “She lived until she was 99 years old and had 11 kids. Only two survived until adulthood and one was my grandmother. Lucha is the effort you put in to getting out of a situation, a struggle,” he shared.

Lucha is located downtown at 316 N. Flores, close to the Robert E. Lee Hotel. You can find them on Facebook or call 347-348-5394 for details. They will be hosting monthly art shows. Plus the artwork will available for viewing and purchasing during receptions or by appointment.

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