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Lucha, a New Art Gallery Opens in SA

Jorge with guest at Lucha

Jorge with guest at Lucha

San Antonian, Jorge Rubalcava, left for several years to live in New York City to participate in one of the leading fashion and art cities in the world. He worked and traveled for Nordstrom, and lived a metropolitan lifestyle that those of us in Texas typically only experience through TV and movies.

When Jorge returned last year to San Antonio in order to be closer to his family, he knew he wanted to play a role in the art and fashion scene here, but had been out of touch for so many years. He decided to open up a new art gallery called Lucha, which put on its first show last month.

“My thought was ‘how cool would it be to use the space as an art gallery that was a platform for emerging local artists,’” explained Jorge.

He plans to use the space to support artists of all kinds, from young to established, as well as a wide variety of artwork, including small sculpture, paintings, drawings and photography. Knowing Jorge, you can expect the artwork to be a bit avant garde, but perfect for those looking for unique artwork to adorn their homes.

Jorge also plans on featuring performance artists, jewelry-makers and more. In the long run he’d like to showcase fashion presentations and designers that inspire him. “There are a lot of designers that have beautiful work but no outlet. I’d like to show San Antonio fashion they’ve never seen before,” said Jorge.

According to Jorge, the name of the gallery is an homage to his great grandmother, whose front doors from her home in Mexico are now part of the gallery’s décor. “She lived until she was 99 years old and had 11 kids. Only two survived until adulthood and one was my grandmother. Lucha is the effort you put in to getting out of a situation, a struggle,” he shared.

Lucha is located downtown at 316 N. Flores, close to the Robert E. Lee Hotel. You can find them on Facebook or call 347-348-5394 for details. They will be hosting monthly art shows. Plus the artwork will available for viewing and purchasing during receptions or by appointment.

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HeART is Where the Home Is

Artist Abraham Mojica at Mercury Project

Artist Abraham Mojica at Mercury Project

Valentine’s Day has passed us by, but most people know that the heart really is where the home is, and creating a home you love that reflects all the facets of who you are is the key to a happy hearth. Oftentimes people are intimidated by the task of building a new home, renovating an old one or simply changing the décor, especially if you have little experience with interior design. However, you can easily accentuate your living space with one-of-a-kind elements that will have you falling in love with your home again and again!


Collecting original artwork, be it paintings, sculptures or abstract art, can be the easiest and most fun (if not always inexpensive) way to develop a unique décor. Although it might be helpful to first consider exactly what kind of look you’re going for, you shouldn’t be discouraged by a lack of direction. Sometimes the most beautiful homes showcase an eclectic variety of art pieces that span all sorts of styles, eras, artists and color palettes.

Art can be an investment. Kind of like playing the stock market, you may discover a local artist that you like only to find that years from now their work is highly collectible and worth a lot of money. You may want to start out by collecting pieces that have already developed a certain level of cachet. Still, some pieces might only mean something to you, and frankly, that’s what’s most important.

Art is about a feeling. You should look for pieces that inspire emotion. For example, in the bedroom, you might want to hang pieces that bring you peace and serenity. In the dining room, you might wish to feature conversation starters – something unusual or thought-provoking. The great thing is, if your home is a blank canvas filled with art, you can dramatically change the look of your home without having to tear down walls or buy new furniture.


While you can certainly consult with a designer or art rep, you’ll probably enjoy the experience much more just by attending gallery shows and buying pieces that you like. Through this route, you’ll begin to develop relationships with artists, who are sometimes available to do commissioned pieces – perhaps a portrait of a loved one – wife, child (or even pet!).

San Antonio has a plethora of talented artists that span the gamut, from well-known and successful artists such as Gilbert Duran (duran-arte.com) and George Schroeder (schroederart.com) to up-and-coming artists such as Abraham Mojica (abrahammojica.com), who discovered his talent for painting just a few years ago, but has already garnered an international clientele. You can always find out what’s going on by consulting the San Antonio Current for a list of local art shows. Some of the most popular local galleries include Mercury Project, AnArte, David Shelton and Blue Star.

If you’re considering a new custom-built home, and you like the idea of showcasing artwork, you can have a formal living room built with gallery walls and custom lighting. It all depends on what kind of look you desire to achieve. For assistance, feel free to call us anytime at 210-494-5400.