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Ideas for an Incredible Summer Dinner Party in San Antonio

Eiffel Tower

Summer’s the perfect time to relax with friends outside on your patio, or even inside, when it gets too muggy. If you live in and around San Antonio, here are some tips on how to enhance any dinner party this season:

Bring Paris into Your Home

How about a little bit of Paris in Texas? Delight your friends and family with a Parisian-style dinner. Decorate with some effortlessly thrown-together fresh flowers made up of all different varieties. This is truly how the French do it!

Start the evening out right with a French cocktail such as a French 75 or Kir Royal. If you’re wanting to keep the spirits local, grab a bottle of Kinsman from Dorćol Distilling Company, which makes an apricot brandy that goes nicely in just about anything.

Next, serve some premium cheese and a few other nibbles to wet everyone’s whistle. Dinners at home in France can be very casual affairs so don’t feel like you have to go over-the-top. In France, they focus on what they can find locally. It’s a chance to be inspired by the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. Add a beautiful sauce to whatever it is, be it fish or beef, and voila! Dessert can be something as simple as berries and Chantilly cream or a few delicate truffles.

Madhatter’s Tea Party

Don’t get bogged down by the stress of having to cook yourself, if that’s not something you like to do. We recently discovered a unique local caterer called Honeysuckle Tea Time that doesn’t just serve great food, but creates fantastical themed parties.

They’re even known for their Madhatter’s tea parties, which might be fun for a ladies’ night. Another interesting aspect about Honeysuckle is that they incorporate teas into their menus. You might enjoy delicacies such as chocolate chai cupcakes, orange blossom donuts or matcha petit fours. Yum!

Just Desserts

If the previous ideas seem like too much effort, why not just have an old-fashioned ice cream party?! Sure, you can make your own or can simply buy an array of different ice creams, gelatos and toppings and invite everyone to come over and pig out like you did when you were teenagers! We recommend getting some caramel sauce from a new local company, Eat*Me Food Company that makes a variety of high quality caramel sauces, such as their original coconut caramel called Almighty CoCo as well as their pistachio and sesame caramels. You can find them at farmers markets around town, but check their Facebook for details. Add a few classic comedies to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a night to remember!

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