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Closets Closets Closets!


Now that 2016 is in full swing, you might feel the need for some fresh organization, especially if you’ve lost your favorite pair of shoes or tie to the black hole known as your CLOSET. At Stone Creek Custom Homes, we know the closet is the closest thing we have to a garage in our bedroom; but it sure doesn’t need to look like it, so here are some suggestions for making your closet an organized, happy space.

Compartments: When building from the ground up or remodeling, consider requesting extra compartments in your closet to keep you organized. With all the clutter out of sight, everything looks more polished. For those James Bond aficionados or if you simply have some confidential documents or jewelry you want to keep out of sight, you can have a hidden compartment built-in to a chest of drawers. Don’t waste space! You can create a jewelry compartment at the end of a built-in wardrobe with hooks for hanging all of your necklaces and bracelets.

Shelves: You can never go wrong with the classics. This method of stacking is a clean touch that can make a plain rack space resemble your favorite store, whether for shoes, jewelry or t-shirts. Plus, with everything  in plain sight, you can avoid the digging that might be involved with compartments. If you like to build high, think about adding a rolling ladder or fancy stepping stool to easily access top-shelf hats or seasonal garments.

Racks: We all have that set of clothes that needs to be ironed before we wear it or, God forbid, dry-cleaned. In the meantime those suits and dresses aren’t likely well-suited for your awesome new shelves; you just gotta hang ‘em. So rather than forgetting them in the mess and letting them get crumpled, a good solution is to use layers of wall-to-wall rack systems. Shirts atop pants, for  example, would be an excellent choice for staying organized, being space-savvy and keeping matching tops and bottoms close together.

Additional Accessories:

- Women especially spend a lot of time in their closets. If you can relate to this, consider having a built-in stereo or Bluetooth speakers installed.

- When it comes to deciding on what type of wood to use for your new closet, cedar is a traditional go-to for its natural ability to deter moths and other insects.

- Similar to the kitchen, islands are a popular addition to closets now as well, that is if you have the room for it. However, with built-in drawers, it can actually help you maximize the space.

- Shoe cubbies are a must for fashion-forward females. It’s a great way to keep shoes accessible and in pristine condition.

- Instead of an open-style closet, the use of glass cabinets allow you to see all your clothes but keep the room looking clean, organized and even elegant.

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