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The Rise of San Antonio’s Eastside


We think the Eastside, close to downtown, has had a bad rap throughout the years – some of it perhaps earned, but some has also been sensationalized by the media. In fact, the Eastside close to downtown is becoming one of the most interesting and blossoming neighborhoods in San Antonio. We’ll give you five good reasons why and suggest you don’t wait to check them out!

Dignowity Meats

San Antonio’s Eastside barbecue joint tops our list for the best reason to visit this up-and-coming part of town. Not only is the vibe of this outdoor eatery just fun and relaxing, but their KC-style barbecue is unbelievably delicious. We recommend the pork ribs – oh, my!


Cherry Street Bicyle Co-op

Friends and families can take advantage of this new downtown bike co-op where you can rent bikes for the day or purchase a monthly or annual membership to enjoy riding a variety of bikes throughout the city, including two-wheel bikes, tandem bikes, surreys and more. They even have a club house where you can grab a healthy, hand-made snack or host a party. Pretty soon, the mission trails will be easily accessible from Hemisphere Park so you ca hop on and ride miles and miles of trails without having to deal with any traffic. To get your membership and swag, go click on the link above.

Dignowity Hill Farmers Market

Sure, downtown can be somewhat of a food desert, which is why Dignowity Hill Farmers Market makes living or visiting downtown that much more enjoyable. You can shop here for fresh produce, hand-crafted edibles and more. They are located in Lockwood Park on 801 N. Olive at the basketball court. The market is held every 2nd and 4th Sunday from 9 am – 1 pm.

Hays Street Bridge

Hobbyist photographers will appreciate this beautiful walking bridge, located at 803 N. Cherry Street, that stretches over rows and rows of railroad tracks on the outskirts of downtown proper. With stunning views of the city, this bridge has becoming a popular spot to bring some refreshments and simply hang out. Expect the unexpected, such as drum circles and meditation groups to frequent this unique bridge.

Alamo Beer

Just below the Hay Street bridge is one of the neatest hang-outs in San Antonio. Alamo Beer is a brewery with an indoor and outdoor beer hall. This independent brewery features locally-made craft brews such as Alamo Golden Ale. On site, you’ll also find food trucks and often live music. We suggest grabbing a bike from the Cherry Street Co-op and riding over to Alamo Beer, where you can just kick back and be thankful you live in one of the most magnificent cities in the U.S.

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