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Say Hello to Moore Supply of San Antonio


Moore Supply Company is a top distributor of premium plumbing products, such as faucets and fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen needs. They are the supplier that we trust and send our customers to. We recently had a conversation with San Antonio’s showroom manager, David Hevner, and this is what he had to say:

David: “Plumbing hardware is our staple. We always say, ‘from the pipe in the slab to the faucets that you see and everything in between.’ We try to maximize the budget the homeowner gets from their builder so that they get what they want.”

For some, the idea of going to a showroom filled with literally 3,000 different types of faucets might seem a little overwhelming, which is why at Moore Supply they take our budget and then, using a simple computer program, identify your particular style. Based on that information, they show you a modest number of options within that scope, so that you’re in and out within an hour and a half. Dave and his highly-trained staff walk you through things like whether your master shower should have a rainhead spray, body spray or a handheld spray.

David: “We make the selection process very, very easy. People want to touch and feel their faucets because it’s something they use so regularly. We have working faucets and showers in the showroom as well as five working tubs with different options from air to whirlpool to newer designs such as a driftbath and hydrotherapy bath.”

These last two are pretty neat products. The driftbath, as David describes it, makes you feel like you’re laying in a stream. The water moves by you like a current and is extremely relaxing. The hydrotherapy bath creates micro bubbles that is an exciting remedy for people who suffer from eczema or even those who experience dry skin during the winter months.

David also had some nice things to say about us. We are honored to consider him a friend, after so many years of working together to help offer our customers the best quality and service, down to the pipes, as David might say.

David: “Stone Creek really leaves the design options to the homeowners so they build them what they want. With other builders it’s a struggle sometimes between the homeowner and the builder. Stone Creek is completely professional and gives customers real world budgets. It’s very rare that we have to go back and say they’re out of budget. That’s huge for us!”

Visiting David and his stellar staff at Moore Supply is just one perk on the road to a luxury custom-built home by Stone Creek Custom Homes. If you’d like to set up a consultation, please give us a call at 210-494-5400. If you’re interested in being added to our private email list to receive our newsletter, please sign up here.