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The Most Amazing Watering Holes in Texas

Bandera Park

We may have had a little respite from the heat recently, but we’ve still got a few more months before it really cools down, which means finding the coolest watering hole is the only way to stay sane. Here are some places to explore:

Krause Springs:  Located in Spicewood just west of Austin is one of the most incredible swimming holes in the state. With a lovely waterfall grotto and a rope swing for a fabulous cliff jump, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon picnic.

Blue Hole in Wimberley:  Located in Blue Hole Regional Park, this refreshing swimming hole is stunning and shaded by towering cypress trees. The ecosystem here is considered an historic site.

Tube Chute in New Braunfels: The City Tube Chute is a unique water slide carved into the side of the City’s dam on the Comal River. It diverts tubers around the dam as they float the river and is a fun way to keep cool in the summer!

Blue Hole in Georgetown: This picturesque lagoon is bordered by limestone bluffs along the South Fork of the San Gabriel River, just five blocks north of the downtown Square.

Twin Falls on Barton Creek: Barton Creek is a great place to explore a plethora of creeks, falls and trails. The falls fluctuate throughout the seasons and there is a bit of a hike involved, but it’s still a wonderful place to bring the whole family.

Bull Creek in Austin: You can find a bunch of superb swimming holes along this trail that eventually lets out at Lakewood and 360, just northwest of the dog park. This is a nice place for active couples and friends.

Sculpture Falls on Barton Creek: This secluded little swimming hole is clear with cool water, even during the summer. On top of that, it’s dog-friendly.

Devil’s Watering Hole at Inks Lake:  Head to Inks Lake State Park for a fantastic family weekend getaway on the Colorado River. Explore the stunning waterfalls upstream of the lake when Valley Spring Creek is running.

The Slab in Llano: Essentially an easily-accessible stretch of the Llano, this watering hole has a lot of rugged granite and chutes to laze around in, even during a drought.

Bandera City Park: This scenic park area along the tree-lined, aqua-colored Medina river is a family’s paradise. The cool water flows very slowly and is perfect for swimming, tubing or kayaking.

McKinney Falls: Not far from Austin, you’ll be surprised by the abundance of trees and wildlife at this watering hole. Don’t be surprised to see deer, armadillos and perhaps even a coyote. The falls aren’t big – only about 10 feet tall, but it’s still a beautiful place to go swimming. You’ll find an early Texas homestead here as well as an old rock shelter.

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Why Finding the Right Property for Your New Custom Home is Important


One of the most valuable things that we at Stone Creek Custom Homes offer our clients is help with lot selection. This is a service that’s overlooked by many home builders, but if you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more into a new custom home project, don’t you think every aspect of that project should be carefully considered? We certainly do.

Perhaps you already own a piece of land. We find that about half of the clients that come to us already have a lot in mind, which is perfectly fine. We’re equipped to build on any kind of topography. Part of our job is to go in and dissect it to determine how best to utilize it.

However, if you don’t already have a lot picked out, it’s extremely beneficial for you to include us in the process. It’s one of the things that our Director of Sales, Brad Ynostrosa, really enjoys doing for our clients and is equally skilled at doing.

Why Lot Selection is Important

When most people think of a natural piece of land they don’t realize how varied each lot can really be. When you have a custom home built, it’s necessary to pick a lot that best suits your plan in order to minimize slab exposure as well as cost.

One of the first things Brad asks new clients is, “Do you know where you plan to build your house?” If the answer is no, he jumps into action. Many factors should be considered, such as your geographical preference, ideal school district and cost. It’s likely that anywhere you’ve considered living, we’ve built a house in that neighborhood.

Not only can we make recommendations, but we can put you in touch with land experts. We help our clients identify trouble areas or red flags such as trees and easements. Here are just a few things we look at when helping clients determine the best piece of land for their new home:

  • Will the topography greatly affect the cost of your foundation? If it’s going to cost an extra 40k, for example, it may be best to look elsewhere.
  • Is natural gas available on the lot? Is that important to you?
  • What other fees might impact you, such as a water meter tap?

Even if you’re only at the very beginning stages of perusing land options, please consider giving us a call at 210-494-5400. We’d love to help!  To be added to our private email list to receive the newsletter, please sign up here.

Viva Fiesta San Antonio!


It’s that time of year again – the time to crack confetti eggs on people’s heads, eat oysters until you’re sick and see some of the best parades in America! If you don’t know what we’re talking about then it’s likely you’re new to SA or you’ve been living in a cave for the past few decades.

If you’re new to Fiesta – an 11-day long festival that runs this year from April 16 – 26 – you can get overwhelmed with all of the exciting events. Fiesta, which began in 1891 and was centered around the Battle of Flowers Parade back when women would meet in front of the Alamo and throw blossoms at each other, now brings in millions of people and hundreds of millions of dollars into the city each year and has spawned a nearly infinite number of events.

Here are some of our favorite events you don’t want to miss:

WEBB Party – Friday, April 17th:

The WEBB Party is one of Fiesta’s kick-off parties and this one takes the cake. It used to be held at the San Antonio Museum of Art until they caught people sneaking into closed-off exhibits. A fundraiser for the AIDS Foundation, it’s still one of the most entertaining Fiesta events with live music, dancing, performances, endless food and drinks.

Incognito Fiesta’s Masked Ball – Saturday, April 18th:

This isn’t the only masked ball that takes place during fiesta, but it is the best one! Who doesn’t love dressing up in beautiful outfits and mysterious masks – it’s almost like you’re at Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!

A Taste of New Orleans – Sunday, April 19th:

Foodies love the array of amazing New Orleans food on offer at this popular event.

Cornyation – Tues, April 21st – 23rd:

Corynation, not to be confused with Coronation, is like San Antonio’s own version of Saturday Night Live set to music. Current events are made comical with the addition of dance, costumes and King Anchovy. For laughs, this is a must-see event! Get your tickets as soon as they go on sell because they sell out immediately.

King William Fair – Saturday, April 25th:

Once a quaint neighborhood event of arts, music and food – King William Fair has evolved into a giant all-day street party. Many people bring their dogs and dress them up in outfits. Dog-lovers will also enjoy the Pooch Parade, which takes place on the same day in Alamo Heights.

Fiesta Flambeau Parade – Saturday, April 25th

Just like most of the other parades, but with lights!

One of the other fun things about Fiesta is many of the local businesses have special medals made that they sell or give away. You’ll also notice San Antonians decorate their houses with flower wreaths and bright colors. You can find all sorts of fun decorations and party favors at the Fiesta store at 2611 Broadway or other vendors, including Fiesta on Main or Amols, which is downtown.

For more info on fiesta events or to inquire about tickets, go to fiesta-sa.org. We hope to see you there!