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Meet Stone Creek Custom Homes’ SUPER Superintendent, Blake Libert

Blake with wife, Amber, and new baby, Olivia

Blake with wife, Amber, and new baby, Olivia

When it comes to building a beautiful brand new home for their clients, Stone Creek Custom Homes relies heavily on Building Superintendent, Blake Libert. Blake not only oversees each and every project on a daily basis, responsible for quality control and accurate design application, but he works closely with clients, who make site visits during construction.

Blake:  Every day I get to talk to almost every customer we have. We like them to know that we’re always available.

Blake, who was born and raised in San Antonio, has worked with the SCCH team since before he’d even graduated school.

Blake: Way back in my younger years, I used to be an electrician, and I worked on all of Stone Creek’s houses back in 2003. I’ve known Jesse most of my life because he was friends with my cousin – so that’s how I got involved with them.

Blake went off to college at UTSA to obtain a degree in business, but his employer at that time couldn’t work with his schedule. That’s when Jesse hired him on as, essentially, a superintendent-in-training. He would oversee job sites, make sure they were organized and relay information back to owners, Jesse and Jason.

If you’ve read our previous blogs you may not be surprised to find out that when Blake’s not on a job site, you’ll most likely find him hunting, fishing or golfing.

Blake: In summer, I’m at the Gulf of Mexico every weekend, usually with Jason. In the winter months, I’m out at the ranch every weekend… and maybe in spring I’m on the golf course. We just had a baby so that might change.

Blake is the proud father of his first child, Olivia, who was born on May 22, 2015 to him and his lovely wife, Amber, who was able to enjoy some stay-at-home time with the baby before going back to work as a Marketing Rep for Trinity Title in Stone Oak. Blake shares some insight about what it’s like to be a new dad.

Blake:  I’m learning that I should have listened to everyone when they said I should sleep as much as I can before having a baby. It’s true! But it’s nice to go home every day and see her, see she’s learned something new or has a different expression on her face that I’ve never seen before.

When asked if he sees himself with SCCH for the long haul, Blake responds assuredly:

Blake: I don’t see that changing. The industry is strong right now and so is Stone Creek. It’s a good future for us all.

To meet Blake and all the other pros on our team, give us a call at 210-494-5400, and we’ll get started building your luxurious custom home!