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Meet Stone Creek Custom Homes’ SUPER Superintendent, Blake Libert

Blake with wife, Amber, and new baby, Olivia

Blake with wife, Amber, and new baby, Olivia

When it comes to building a beautiful brand new home for their clients, Stone Creek Custom Homes relies heavily on Building Superintendent, Blake Libert. Blake not only oversees each and every project on a daily basis, responsible for quality control and accurate design application, but he works closely with clients, who make site visits during construction.

Blake:  Every day I get to talk to almost every customer we have. We like them to know that we’re always available.

Blake, who was born and raised in San Antonio, has worked with the SCCH team since before he’d even graduated school.

Blake: Way back in my younger years, I used to be an electrician, and I worked on all of Stone Creek’s houses back in 2003. I’ve known Jesse most of my life because he was friends with my cousin – so that’s how I got involved with them.

Blake went off to college at UTSA to obtain a degree in business, but his employer at that time couldn’t work with his schedule. That’s when Jesse hired him on as, essentially, a superintendent-in-training. He would oversee job sites, make sure they were organized and relay information back to owners, Jesse and Jason.

If you’ve read our previous blogs you may not be surprised to find out that when Blake’s not on a job site, you’ll most likely find him hunting, fishing or golfing.

Blake: In summer, I’m at the Gulf of Mexico every weekend, usually with Jason. In the winter months, I’m out at the ranch every weekend… and maybe in spring I’m on the golf course. We just had a baby so that might change.

Blake is the proud father of his first child, Olivia, who was born on May 22, 2015 to him and his lovely wife, Amber, who was able to enjoy some stay-at-home time with the baby before going back to work as a Marketing Rep for Trinity Title in Stone Oak. Blake shares some insight about what it’s like to be a new dad.

Blake:  I’m learning that I should have listened to everyone when they said I should sleep as much as I can before having a baby. It’s true! But it’s nice to go home every day and see her, see she’s learned something new or has a different expression on her face that I’ve never seen before.

When asked if he sees himself with SCCH for the long haul, Blake responds assuredly:

Blake: I don’t see that changing. The industry is strong right now and so is Stone Creek. It’s a good future for us all.

To meet Blake and all the other pros on our team, give us a call at 210-494-5400, and we’ll get started building your luxurious custom home!






Get to Know the Guys Behind Stone Creek Custom Homes


Jason with his family

Jesse family

Jesse with his family

Life can often seem random, but sometimes those chance occurrences are the ones that stick – as is the case with Stone Creek Custom Homes’ two founders, Jason Gale and Jesse Pigott. We thought you might like to learn a little bit more about these two gentlemen, as they’re not the kind of guys that talk much about themselves. They’re usually far more interested in their clients, the work they’re doing, and of course, their families.

They first met over a decade ago when Jason was selling land, and Jesse bought a lot from him out in Timberwood Park. Both born and raised in San Antonio – Jason went to Castle Hills First Baptist High School while Jesse attended Clark High School – they also shared (and still do!) a mutual appreciation for hunting and fishing.

Jason:  I was building my house with another friend of mine, and it wasn’t going as well as I thought it could have. At the same time, Jesse was building his own home with another of friend of his. I had a lot in Timberwood so I approached him about building a spec house, which we sold before we were even done framing.

Jesse:  It happened by chance, but one project led to another and it snowballed. That’s basically how this whole thing got going.

Jesse originally worked in sales in a completely different industry, but had aspirations of owning his own company.

Jesse:  We love making someone else’s dreams a reality. Seeing something start from a scratch pad design and evolve into something you’re living in is pretty cool.

As for home life, Jason and Jesse are very family-oriented and love spending time with their families. Jason balances his love for flying, fishing and hunting and family time. He has a passion for showing the kids his love for the outdoors. With a lovely wife, a daughter and two sons, life is busy. Some of their favorite memories are at the beach in Florida and Port Aransas.

If Jason and the boys had it their way, they would spend every moment at the ranch or fishing in Port Mansfield, hopefully catching swordfish. Fishing usually means catch and release, but the family gets super excited when it’s served on the dinner table. As the youngest says, “I like that swordfish chicken!”

Jason’s family also run two fireworks stands around the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

Jason:  It’s more of a hobby. My daughter loves it. She takes charge, helps with inventory, pricing, and sales. It’s a great way for her to learn how to run a business for herself. She basically does it all, and I’m just there to help.

Jesse, who remarried a year ago to a beautiful lady, now has a family of five kids. Jesse also enjoys hunting and shares that passion with his kids. His family loves to spend time together at their home away from home at lake LBJ, swimming, riding jet skis and just relaxing.

Jesse:  We go there to eat, drink and listen to good music. It’s one of our favorite spots.

If you want to get to know these guys even better, give them a call at 210-494-5400 and let them build your ultimate dream home!

Hunting in the Texas Hill Country and Beyond

There are few better reasons to move to the Texas Hill Country than for the hunting. Regardless of the sport, the Texas Hill Country is filled with beautiful rolling hills, ancient trees, wild flowers and delicious game that will keep your freezer stocked through winter.

What’s for Dinner?

People new to Texas are often surprised by the variety of wild game to be found here. According to the Hill Country Wildlife Management, “Some may best know the Hill Country as the deer factory of Texas, as it supports the largest white-tailed deer population in the state.”

Although deer hunting is considered a primary industry in this region, the area where Mason, Llano and Gillespie counties converge supports the highest deer density in the nation, with one deer for every 2-3 acres. You’ll also find several species of ungulates that range freely throughout the central and western plateau.


The Annual Public Hunting Permit provides nearly year-round hunting on nearly one million acres of land. Popular dove hunting areas are offered through this system as well.

The Public Hunt Drawing System provides opportunities to apply for a wide variety of supervised, drawn hunts including special drawings for both adults and youth hunters. In addition, TPWD offers special hunt package drawings for exotic wildlife and quality native animals on TPWD managed lands as well as specially leased private properties.

For more information on permitting, go here.

Feral Hogs

Texas is overrun with wild hogs because they breed so quickly, so much so, that some people let you come out and hunt on their ranch before the season officially opens, and in some instances, they’ll even pay a small amount of money per hog. If you’re interested, check out this link.

Although, many people will tell you feral hog meat is not good eats, it’s all about how you cook it. One ranch we know corrals and feeds them rosemary and peaches a few months before butchering and evidently it’s the best thing you’ll eat in Texas!

Hunt in Style

You can find some amazing ranch resorts in Texas that stock their land with all sorts of game from indigenious to exotic. It’s a great way to hunt in style, especially if you want to bring the family along. Many times the ladies and children like to go horseback riding, play in the pool or enjoy a variety of other activities that keep them busy while the hunt is on!

The Y.O. Ranch, located near Kerrville, is one great example. They offer guests the opportunity to hunt 40,000 acres of land and are famous for their registered longhorn cattle and over 50 species of exotic animals such as axis deer, bison, belsa oryx, european mouflox and blackbuck antelope.

If you’re ready to move out to the amazing Texas Hill Country, please contact us at 210-494-5400, and we’ll build you a magnificent custom built home fit for a King and Queen!