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5 Helpful Home Maintenance Tips


If you’re a savvy seasoned homeowner this might seem like common sense to you, but if, in fact,  you’re a first-time homeowner or aren’t used to performing routine maintenance on your house, then you might find this very helpful.

1.  Start by developing a home maintenance checklist that you can keep somewhere handy. Thanks to smart phones, you can simply store your checklist on your phone and even set up reminders for chores like changing filters and clearing gutters.

2.  If your thumbs aren’t green, consider hiring a professional tree-service company to inspect the trees on your property. This is especially important when you have large trees that could directly effect the structure of the house. They can identify potential problems, such as weak limbs that should be cut before a storm or roots that are cracking your foundation. They can also advise you on how best to take care of your trees so they live long, healthy lives!

3.  Save on water by making sure your toilets and facets don’t have any leaks. Sometimes these are easy DIY fixes, like changing a worn-out washer. Either way, it’s best not to let leaks go unattended.

4.  The easy task of checking your dryer vent can save you from disaster. The vent, not the lint trap, can get clogged with lint, which is a fire hazard.

5.  Did you know climate control systems often come with in-duct humidifiers? While this is great news for your skin, if you don’t keep these systems clean they can spawn unhealthy mold and bacteria, which will effect the air quality of your home. You should check it each spring – drain the unit, clean the reservoir (water and vinegar helps nicely) and breath easy!

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