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Home Furnishings to Liven Up Every Room

Oaxacan Rug

Oaxacan Rug

Before you can spruce up your space, you need to decide just what kind of mood you’re wanting to set – bright and sunny, romantic and sultry, chic and fun, zen, exotic, the list goes on and on. Once you know what feel you’re going for it’s easy to create your space, one sweet piece at a time. Here are some ideas to get you going!

A gorgeous rug can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room or bring an eclectic mix together. Playing with multiple rugs in one room can create a playful atmosphere. While you can find an infinite assortment of rugs online, we recommend checking out Keyvan Oriental Rugs in Alamo Heights for quality rugs.

If you can get out of town, we recommend heading to Oaxaca, Mexico where the weavers in the neighboring villages create one-of-a-kind stunning rugs and tapestries made using ancient Zapotec techniques. These heirloom furnishings will be a showpiece for you and generations to come.

To create a tranquil environment, but one that will have all your friends buzzing, consider installing a custom aquarium. Imagine this talking piece in the kitchen, dining room or one in the entertainment room that doubles as a bar. However, besides the fact that a large-scale aquarium is a luxury item, salt water tanks require serious maintenance. It’s very easy to throw their delicate ecosystem off-kilter, so you will want to factor in the hassle and expense of a professional service.

For a quick and inexpensive way to add some texture to the walls in your bathroom, kitchen or any room really, add a multitude and variety of antique or stylishly modern hooks along one wall and hang, well, just about anything, from handcrafted ceramic cups to jewelry and scarves.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to outfit your entire house with beautiful name-brand furniture, lighting and more, Stowers Furniture has a giant 80,000 square foot showroom. They offer items from classic to contemporary, in both casual and formal options. They’ve been around since 1890, so they must be doing something right. For those who prefer personalized furnishings, they also provide custom order options and even have a space planner to help you figure out the best place to put it all.

Think outside the box. You can easily find inspirations on Pinterest or other apps and sites, but some of the coolest furnishings are ones that aren’t used the way they’re meant to be. For example, how about flipping over a gorgeous ceramic flowerpot and using it as a drink table for indoor or outdoor use?

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Where To Go for Winter Vacay


Monte Alban Ruins in Oaxaca

If your year has been as busy as ours, then you’re probably already dreaming of a winter getaway. Here’s where we would go if we could take some time off!

Oaxaca, Mexico 

Sure, it’s their rainy season, but that just means the valley and all the surrounding ruins are lush green. Oaxaca used to be a favorite tourist area before Mexico suffered from the media’s over-exaggeration of the cartel’s effect on this beautiful country. In fact, Oaxaca, a Southern state (with a city by the same name), is quite safe and far from all the troubles.

This magical land is filled with talented artists that use both ancient Zapotec techniques as well as modern ones to create incredible (and shockingly inexpensive) one-of-a-kind artwork. Small villages, each with their own skill set, surround Oaxaca. You’ll find weavers, potters, chocolate makers, mezcal makers and more. It’s also known as the land of seven moles, so be prepared to eat your weight’s worth in mole as well as tamales. Our favorite restaurant, Los Danzantes, offers a modern interpretation of traditional dishes and flavors. We recommend bringing an extra suitcase. You’ll thank us if you do!

The Cell Block – Clifton, Texas

For something really different, how would you like to stay a night in jail? Of course, if you’re going to do that, you might as well do it in style, right? Not far from us, between Austin and Dallas, is a small (perhaps unknown) town. Although unassuming, this town has a lot of character. Besides being the official Norwegian capitol of Texas – the King of Norway even visited here once – they’re also known for being home to several successful artists who produce Western-style artwork. The town has several art galleries as well as a museum.

While there are a few quaint options for accommodations, none are more interesting than The Cell Block. This luxury jailhouse was once a real jail. It didn’t see the likes of Bonnie and Clyde although rumor has it they lived nearby. There’s a bullet hole in a building next to the now historic theatre where Clyde was said to have shot at a guy who took Bonnie out on a date. The Cell Bock is a “bed and booze” as opposed to a bed and breakfast. For the night, you get a bottle of wine and a swig of whiskey to keep you warm. Relax on your rooftop patio then enjoy a good night’s sleep in jail. Just make sure you don’t lose the key! 

La Cantera Resort & Spa

If you don’t have time to get away, consider a staycation at the newly renovated La Cantera Resort & Spa. They’ve put an immense amount of money and effort into providing an amazingly relaxing and luxurious experience for their guests. The spa is easily one of the best in town and offers a plethora of both familiar and unique spa experiences. The best part is local celebrity chef, Andrew Weissman, is opening up a new restaurant here called Signature. It’s about to become the hottest place in town!

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Transform your Home this Summer with these Great Decorating Ideas


No Flames Fireplace

It’s rare, even in winter, that we get a chance to use the fireplace, but there’s zero chance of it for the next several months, so why not add a splash of style and color by filling the space with something eye-catching? We suggest some stunning candles, a piece of artwork, a hunk of coral or a unique precious stone like amethyst – whatever compliments your living room’s color palette.

Bring the Outdoors In

Since it’s too hot to sit outside during much of the day, why not bring elements of nature into your home instead? Brighten up your living space by adding fresh flowers, plants and fresh fruit centerpieces. Not only will it make your home look more inviting, it will also smell delicious! Natural, eco-friendly materials such as hemp and bamboo are another great way to add a little rustic class to your environment.

Dedicated Indoor Bar

If you don’t already have a dedicated bar inside your home, consider creating a space where you can easily whip up your summer cocktails. Get some fun glass jars and fill them with fresh herbs, limes, lemons and any other inviting accoutrements you might throw into a drink. If you really want to impress, experiment with making your own simple syrups and shrubs. It’s a lot easier than you think! Here’s a recipe to get you started:

Pop with Pillows

A simple, inexpensive way to beautify any room is to add some decorative pillows. This summer, try finding pillows with vibrant designs and graphics. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own. Graphic outlines are easy enough to block-print onto fabric. When your friends compliment your new pillows, you can make them one or inspire them to make their own.

Brighten Up Tired Furniture

Another easy way to boost your home’s inner beauty is to transform an old chair or side table by spray painting it (with a high-gloss paint) an upbeat summer color like sunshine yellow, grassy green or Texas sky blue. This new lacquered look can be a great accent in any room – be it the bedroom or your home office. Just don’t forget to properly prime the furniture if you’re doing it yourself.

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5 Helpful Home Maintenance Tips


If you’re a savvy seasoned homeowner this might seem like common sense to you, but if, in fact,  you’re a first-time homeowner or aren’t used to performing routine maintenance on your house, then you might find this very helpful.

1.  Start by developing a home maintenance checklist that you can keep somewhere handy. Thanks to smart phones, you can simply store your checklist on your phone and even set up reminders for chores like changing filters and clearing gutters.

2.  If your thumbs aren’t green, consider hiring a professional tree-service company to inspect the trees on your property. This is especially important when you have large trees that could directly effect the structure of the house. They can identify potential problems, such as weak limbs that should be cut before a storm or roots that are cracking your foundation. They can also advise you on how best to take care of your trees so they live long, healthy lives!

3.  Save on water by making sure your toilets and facets don’t have any leaks. Sometimes these are easy DIY fixes, like changing a worn-out washer. Either way, it’s best not to let leaks go unattended.

4.  The easy task of checking your dryer vent can save you from disaster. The vent, not the lint trap, can get clogged with lint, which is a fire hazard.

5.  Did you know climate control systems often come with in-duct humidifiers? While this is great news for your skin, if you don’t keep these systems clean they can spawn unhealthy mold and bacteria, which will effect the air quality of your home. You should check it each spring – drain the unit, clean the reservoir (water and vinegar helps nicely) and breath easy!

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Tips for Bringing Spring Mojo into your Home this Easter!

Courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

Courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

Now that spring is here, it’s about time to start implementing some of our New Year’s resolutions, which may include sprucing up the house, or what we often call (yes, the dreaded) spring cleaning. However, before you resign yourself to rolling up those sleeves and digging out the Comet, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ways we can celebrate spring for spring’s sake–without all the chemicals.

History has handed down several traditions for celebrating the vernal equinox, the official start of spring in the Western hemisphere, a day which normally falls around March 21. This particular day has different names in various cultures. We often call this day Easter, but in Iran for example, it’s called No Ruz, which is a time for mending, repairing and gathering flowers; and in Greece they celebrate Hilaria, a word which was originally used to denote any day or season of rejoicing.

At Stone Creek Custom Homes, we love to see our customers enjoy every opportunity to celebrate life, loved ones, and a beautiful home. What better time to appreciate life than spring? So no matter how you celebrate this upcoming holiday, here are some tips for bringing some fresh spring mojo into your home.

Tidying Up

A bit of (literal) wiping the slate clean goes a long way. Throw out the Valentine’s day trash, sweep up the porch, wipe off the countertops. Although spring cleaning can perhaps call to mind a military task force armed with Swiffers, we recommend making things easy for yourself. Make a list of tasks you haven’t had the time or energy to address – such as cleaning out the garage or organizing that box of family photos that’s been sitting in the corner of the living room for 6 months – and put it somewhere you can see each day, like on the door of the fridge. Commit to knocking out just one item on your list each week. Before you know it, you’ll have nothing left to do but sit on your patio sipping margaritas!

Fresh Foods

This may seem like common sense; eating well is for every day, but taking a moment to recharge and appreciate the new opportunities open to us in spring while munching on a healthy snack of nuts, seeds, and spring fruit (strawberries, honeydew, and mango to name a few), is good for the head space. Now that there are so many new farmers markets popping up, such as the brand new one at Trinity, it’s much easier to find fresh produce in SA.

Colorful Eggs

Taking some time with the kids in our lives (or the kid in you) to decorate eggs is a wonderful way to be reminded yourself of the newness and miracle of life. Boil some eggs from 10-12 minutes, or hit your local art store for wooden or plastic eggs, and gather markers, glitter, stickers, and just have fun. Get crazy and creative, but if you want a bit more sophistication this holiday, we recommend a gorgeous Martha Stewart marbled egg-decorating recipe

 The air is brimming with fresh starts and new beginnings: Carpe Diem, as the poets say! Call us at 210-494-5400 if your spring includes a new custom-built home. To join our newsletter, click here.

Happy Spring from Stone Creek Custom Homes!